Fly Fishing can be a year-round activity in the mountains. Learn to fly fish – or perfect your cast – through outfitters like

Access to some of the best fishing holes in the Gore Creek, Eagle River, Brush Creek and Colorado River can be tricky so we highly recommend the experts who keep track of the fish on a daily basis.

Float Trips

Rafting, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, and Tubing. All very different sports, so you’ll have to determine which suits you most. But regardless which you choose: definitely  get on the river. Vail Valley is blessed with an abundance of skilled and professional outfitters including Colorado Adventure Center & Sage Outdoor Adventures who raft all the nearby rivers.

For something out of the ordinary, sign up for night vision rafting and experience a completely different side of the river.

Want to enjoy a river without the rapids? Turtle Tubing is an excellent option for families and groups looking for an affordable, fun float trip.  

Water Activities

If you are ready to navigate the water yourself, rent a SUP (stand up paddle board) or kayak. Beginners may want to get their sea legs on the stiller, gentler yet lovely Piney Lake in Vail,  Nottingham Lake in Avon, or Sylvan Lake in Eagle . Once you feel comfortable kayaking and SUPing on the lake, ask a rental agency where the best stretch of river is for you based on your capabilities.

There’s even an opportunity to try SUP yoga; downward dog is a different beast on a board! Places like the Athletic Club at the Westin, offer SUP yoga, giving you another balancing trick (and stretch) for your body.   Fair warning: once you try it you might very well be hooked.

You can also check out: Sylvan Lake State Park, Eagle River Park and Avon Whitewater Park

Insider Tip

Though the weather is warmer, Colorado summers bring varied weather conditions at higher elevation. Be sure to pack water, sunscreen, a raincoat and do not wear cotton. Wear clothing that can wick away moisture.

Activity Providers

Sure, Vail is world-renowned for its skiing and snowboarding, but the Vail Valley offers plenty beyond vast bowls of bluebird powder days and grippin' groomers. Whether you prefer your adventure water-drenched, iced, air-borne, cliff-side, cycled, motorized or snowy out mountain recreation covers it- and much, much more.

Restaurants and Bars

In the Vail Valley, eating isn't merely sustenance - it's an important part of the lifestyle. From fine dining hotspots to casual comforts, it's not hard to find great food. Colorado is known for their locals breweries, distilleries and even wineries. Come sample a taste of Colorado and even international spirit favorites.

Vail Valley Activities

Ski terrain and wonderful snow put the Vail Valley on the map, but it's more than just a ski resort. The calendar is packed with events that are a big part of the Vail Valley's culture. From outdoor concerts at the Ford Amphitheater to bull riding at the rodeo, it's easy to stay busy.