Red Cliff


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Red Cliff is situated off of the Colorado Scenic Byway, Highway 24, just 16 miles (under 30 min) from Vail. The Town of Red Cliff is also accessible via Vail Pass off I-70 and over Shrine Pass. As the oldest town in Eagle County, Red Cliff boomed at the turn of the century as a mining town with saloons, a bank, sawmills, and even an opera house.  Today, it is a quaint mountain community that continues to attract rugged individuals including entrepreneurs, artists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Residents and visitors can enjoy mountain biking, cross-country skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking with fantastic wildflower viewing, all within and around Red Cliff. From Red Cliff, you get close-up views of and easy access to Mount of the Holy Cross and the surrounding White River National Forest.


Population: 250
Elevation: 8,750 feet

  • Winter: 15°-30°
  • Spring: 25°- 55°
  • Summer: 50°- 70°
  • Autumn: 35°-65°

Claim to Fame: Red Cliff, established in 1879, is the oldest town in the Vail Valley, nestled in the mountains under and slightly to the east of the historic and iconic Green Bridge.

Click here to view the Minturn & Red Cliff Outdoor Responsible Recreation Guide. This outdoor responsible recreation guide provides two-day itineraries for each of the four seasons. Together, we will keep our public lands open, safe, and clean all year long.


ATV & Snowmobile Tours are a must in Red Cliff, and they offer a day of thrilling adventure for the whole family. Starting at 9,200 feet, the off-road trails can take you to elevation heights of 12,000 feet. Looking for a little history too? Try one of the historic ATV tours which takes visitors up to Camp Hale where the 10th Mountain Army Division trained, and enjoy views of four different mountain ranges.

Holycross Wilderness is well known for its wild and scenic features; the area has rugged ridgelines and glacier-carved valleys, cascading streams, and dozens of lakes. The elevation ranges from 8,500 feet to 14,005 feet. The area has dozens of hiking and biking trails and visitors are able to camp in designated areas of the Holycross Wilderness. Hikes range from multi-day out and backs to picturesque alpine loops. Some of the most famous hikes are Fall Creek Trail, Missouri Lakes, Hunky Dory and Cleveland Lakes, and Cross Creek to Fall Creek Loop.

The Town Museum is the perfect place to find information about the town and its history. In there you will find extremely interesting collections of artifacts, photographs, and reference material that allows visitors to get an insight of this small old west town.