Second Favorite Ski Runs (Because Who Would Share Their First)

Ask any local what their favorite ski run is and you’ll get some variation of “my favorite run is… and there’s no way I’m sharing it on a blog post!”

Because it is unlikely that any true ski town local will ever honestly share their favorite – we’re going to explore our staff’s second favorite runs at our home mountains of Vail and Beaver Creek. Don’t worry – some of these second favorites are other people’s favorite runs (shhh) and both Vail and Beaver Creek have enough variety of terrain from moguls to trees, from groomers to family zones, to meet everyone’s needs. You’ll need to explore for yourself to find YOUR favorite ski runs.

Erik – our Director of Community Development – shared:

  • My second favorite run is Ricky’s Ridge in Sundown Bowl.
  • Second favorite Beaver Creek run is Ripsaw.

Anna – our Program Manager – shared:

  • My second favorite run in Beaver Creek would either be Harrier or Ripsaw (hey, that’s two, so maybe one of them is her favorite).
  • Spoiler: check out Bachelor Gulch for some of Anna’s favorites!

Maren – our Director of Membership – shared:

  • My second favorite run at Beaver Creek is Harrier. And I’m excited to check out the new terrain at McCoy Park this year!
  • Second favorite run at Vail is Pickeroon. My favorite is in Blue Sky Basin, but I’m not telling you which one!

Kay – our Lodging Quality Assurance & Events Manager – shared:

  • My second favorite in Vail is either Lost Boy and Dealers Choice, both in Game Creek Bowl (that’s two as well – maybe one is her favorite!)
  • In Beaver Creek, my second favorite is either Cresta and Golden Bear into Arrowhead for a blinky burger and Bloody Mary

Kim – our Director of Sales – shared:

  • In Vail, my favorite is Forever on a powder day and Riva Ridge on a sunny spring day on the way to après! (Clearly, we have trouble following the rules of “second favorite”…)
  • My second favorite in Beaver Creek is Ripsaw.  Also love Cresta and Golden Bear to enjoy the deck at Arrowhead.

Chris – our CEO – shared:

  • You’re going to make me choose? How’s that even possible? I’m going to cheat.
  • In Vail, my second favorite is Yonder in the Back Bowls, or maybe Morningside Ridge. And on the front of the mountain, my second favorites are Riva Ridge and Gandy Dancer (especially on a powder day) are hard to beat.
  • In Beaver Creek, Stone Creek Chutes is one of my top tips for expert skiers and riders, and I really enjoy most everything in Rose Bowl… but let’s say Spider.

There you have it – a definitive list of the Vail Valley Partnership teams second favorite runs in Vail and Beaver Creek. Because no true local shares their favorites!