Vail Automotive Classic

September 5-7, 2014

The Vail Automotive Classic brings the Fifth Annual Wheels and Wings Show to Vail September 5-7, 2014.

Welcome to the most comprehensive auto, aircraft and motorcycle show in Western Colorado, the Wheels and Wings Show features an unparalleled display of machinery. With over 180 cars, 30 airplanes and other aircraft, and 20 motorcycles, the 2012 show will amaze, entertain and blow you away.

The Wheels and Wings Show celebrates the Art of the Machine: As transportation has became so central to every aspect of our lives, cars and planes have gone far beyond their humble utilitarian origins, constantly redefining technology, style and shaping our culture. The skill, engineering and mechanical ability infused in these vehicles is nothing less than a triumph of the human spirit. Many represent some of the finest technology of their day, while others provide a touchstone to our past or a hint of where we might be heading. They remind us of what is possible when passion and craft take over and work becomes art. We hope you find all of these machines as interesting as we do and that you enjoy the show.

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